Wonder Woman Was A Dud

I kept hearing good things about the new Wonder Woman movie.  I don’t know from whom, but it was the buzz.  So I finally found the time to go see it last night, and it wasn’t all that great.

First of all, there’s a mixing of Greek mythology with the story that is completely different from the actual Greek mythology.  And there is the little detail that in the end, supposedly killing the god Ares will put an end to war.  Unfortunately for the screen writers, the movie closes at the end of WWI, and we all know that it did not put an end to war.

Secondly, there is a lot of the sophomoric and trendy male bashing and blurring of true masculinity and femininity that we see in popular culture these days.  They try to cover this up with a love story later in the movie, but many of the scenes in the beginning were contained un-artistic injections of a political agenda into the narrative. For example, there is a scene in a sailboat where Steve Trevor is trying to describe marriage and appropriate behavior where he says that marriage is about “going before a judge.” He doesn’t use the phrase “going into a church” as would be said in the early 20th Century. And ultimately, on the boat his attempt at virtuous behavior is turned into ridicule by the writers.

The accents were horrible and inconsistent. Was Steve Trevor supposed to be a Brit? And the Amazon women on Paradise Island – what in the world was that? Was that a desperate attempt to match Gal Gadot’s voice? Were they supposed to be Eastern Europeans? I don’t know, but the actresses did a rotten job of being believable.

I guess all of the glowing reviews of this film came from the grrrl power movement.  To me it was mediocre.