Do you think that the iTunes store should move Gregorian chant from the Classical genre to the Christian & Gospel genre?

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Resource for Catholic Songwriters

There is a good online resource for songwriters who are also Catholic.  It is called It is a site that I built and maintain.

It is free to use this site and free to sign up to use the PDF worksheet.

It is not meant just for songwriters who write religious music.  Instead it is for Catholic songwriters who write any genre of music and who want their faith to inform their creative choices. If you write folk songs, jazz, classical, hip-hop, or rock songs – it doesn’t matter.

The homepage gives a step-by-step method for:

  1. Praying on the Mass readings of the day, the Saint of the day or liturgical feast day
  2. Using the worksheet to organize the words that arise out of prayer
  3. Choosing the song structure and coming up with a melody

A lot of this was subconsciously based on the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius, whereby one uses the imagination to place oneself into a scriptural reading.

And ultimately, anyone can use this resource.  No one checks your religion card at the front door.  It is meant to help all people make the world more beautiful.

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