How to Fix the Election Process

  1. First you would start with all of the candidates who want to run.  And there is a deadline for them to submit their names so no one can start running at a later date.
  2. Next, there are rounds of voting by which voters vote for the candidates whom the DO NOT WANT to be elected.
  3. The 50% who get the most amount of votes are out.
  4. This continues until there are only 2 candidates left and then there is one last vote.

The reason this might work better is because the people who spend the least amount of money on advertising and who are the least known have the best chance.

The annoying people with all of the lobbyist money and egos will be out of the race sooner.

I’d be interested in your thoughts below.

Bach’s Mass for All Christians – The Imaginative Conservative

Bach’s “Mass in B Minor” is the summation of his life’s work and one of the supreme masterpieces of Western classical music. Yet mystery surrounds the work. What was its purpose, how did it come to be written, and how was it intended to be performed?… (essay by Michael De Sapio)

Source: Bach’s Mass for All Christians – The Imaginative Conservative

Save the Carrollton Courthouse

In my neighborhood there is an old historic building called the Carrollton Courthouse.  It’s across the street from Camellia Grill (if you know where that is).

On March 23, the New Orleans school board will auction it to the highest bidder, and who knows what that will mean for the future of this landmark.

There is an organization that would like to put a school for carpentry and architecture for young people.  I think that’s a great idea.

There is a petition to postpone the auction until more thought can be put into this municipal nonsense.

More information and sign the petition at:

Common Sense No More

I hear people, mostly on radio programs, say things like “We just need more common sense” or “I hope our politicians make common sense decisions.”

The problem with this is that there is no more common sense. Once upon a time when most people shared Judeo-Christian beliefs and some sort of adherence to the Natural Law, there was such a thing. But no more. There are various senses, but in this free-for-all, make-up-your-own-reality world there not a sense that is common or universal anymore.

Someone who believes that people excel when working within the limitations of human nature, following the Natural Law, is not going to have the same definition of “common sense” as someone who sees unrestrained pleasure seeking and willfulness as an appropriate modus operandi.

So stop using the phrase, because it no longer has meaning.

Nothing Has Changed

Let me start off by saying that I did not vote for either a Republican or a Democrat in this previous election.  I see myself as a bystander who opposes the two-party system, and I have some observations to make about how the people I know have changed in the past month.

Whereas Fox News used to employ fear mongering as a way to boost its ratings, I see that NPR, the network stations, CNN, MSNBC and the other left-leaning media outlets are now doing the same thing.  The news stories of the latter group are all finding negative angles about the presidency that they clearly forgot to mention this time last year.

For example, NPR mentioned how the president’s trips to Florida were costing the tax payers extra because of added security needed.  I can’t imagine they ever brought this up about Obama taking trips.  Fox News, on the other hand, is now glossing over the bad parts as CNN and MSNBC used to do.

This negativity is having an effect on a lot of people, especially people who spent their vote on a losing party.

Most of the people whom I know who didn’t like Obama are religious people.  They saw Obama’s policies as offensive to their right to practice religion; take for example the case of the Little Sisters of the Poor.  After 8 years of not hearing the mainstream news media cover issues in a balanced way, the people on the right learned to ignore the news or seek the other side of the story somewhere else.  Unfortunately, the dumbed-down Fox News was the only place some of them knew where to turn.  In addition to learning to ignore the news, being religious people, they also knew how to place their hope and trust into something higher than U.S. politics.  There was a certain calm that I don’t see in the other side now.

I know a lot of people who loved Obama who have no clue that the mainstream media is biased in their favor.  They laugh at that. Many of them have been placated or put to sleep over the past 8 years and have no idea how we got this new megalomaniac as our president.  In addition, most of the people I know on the left are not religious people. Many, not all, lack that understanding that there are powers higher (much higher) than any earthly government.  So the combination of being rudely awoken and a lack of the virtue of hope has had a painful impact on their lives.

This is not a time to be reactive.  It is a time to be reflective.  Go to church, pray, meditate…whatever you do.  If you don’t know how, then ask someone you know who appears to be happy how he or she does it.  The only demons we can fight are the ones within ourselves, and they are delighted that so many people have lost their sense of joy.


Review: A Canticle for Leibowitz

A Canticle for Leibowitz
A Canticle for Leibowitz by Walter M. Miller Jr.
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I loved this book. I wish I had known about it sooner. It is a post-nuclear war futuristic story about a series of monks whose job is to preserve the knowledge of the past. It’s rare to find books where more than a few of the protagonists have right reason and strong faith and where the author is aptly skilled in the human side of storytelling. I found it to have the wartime type of humor you might find in Catch 22 or the TV show, MASH.

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