WordPress.com is Better Than Facebook

About a year and a half ago I got off of Facebook.  The presidential election primaries were starting, and people started getting really mean.  Instead of dialogue, it was a continuous series of thoughtless monologues.  It was a really disheartening waste of my time to be on Facebook. I still use Instagram a little and tapered off my use of Twitter, but in general I haven’t been using social media very much.  I did start reading more books (yes, paper), and that led me to have an interest in GoodReads.com, from where I was allowed to post reviews on my WordPress.com blog.

I’ve really been enjoying the WordPress community.  It takes time and thought to write a good blog post, and even when I disagree with someone’s point of view, at least it is usually a thoughtful, rational, and sane dialogue in the comments section.

I really like the reader view too.  As a UX/UI developer by day, my eyes get fatigued if I look at a screen more than I have to. The reader view helps simplify my focus.

I have been building self-hosted WordPress.org sites since 2005, and I have only good things to say about Matt Mullenweg and Automattic (except that maybe they should consider naming a WP version after Sidney Bechet, Danny Barker, or other New Orleanian jazz legend). They have done more for independent web developers than anyone else I can think of.  Moreover, I could be wrong, but on WP.com I don’t get the creepy Big Brother feeling I used to get on Facebook sometimes.

I am glad I paid for the least expensive personal blog level, and I look forward to contributing to the conversation.

What Do You Think?

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