Common Sense No More

I hear people, mostly on radio programs, say things like “We just need more common sense” or “I hope our politicians make common sense decisions.”

The problem with this is that there is no more common sense. Once upon a time when most people shared Judeo-Christian beliefs and some sort of adherence to the Natural Law, there was such a thing. But no more. There are various senses, but in this free-for-all, make-up-your-own-reality world there not a sense that is common or universal anymore.

Someone who believes that people excel when working within the limitations of human nature, following the Natural Law, is not going to have the same definition of “common sense” as someone who sees unrestrained pleasure seeking and willfulness as an appropriateĀ modus operandi.

So stop using the phrase, because it no longer has meaning.

What Do You Think?

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